This Smokey Raspberry Sauce is sweetened with raspberries and has a hint of heat from the chipotle peppers and amazing served on top of chicken, fish, vegetables, or just serve it over cream cheese like you normally see it. How ever you use it I know it will be awesome, this sauce is packed with flavor!

Like the Smokey Raspberry. Our Smokey Apricot Sauce is sweetened with apricot and you can really taste the apricot in this sauce and amazing served on top of chicken, fish, vegetables, or over cream cheese. Also packed with flavor you are sure to love.  

A blast of sweetness in the beginning our Raspberry Habanero will not let you down as the heat flows in nicely at the end . Also good in salads, as a marinade, good with all meats, shrimp, and vegetables.

A smooth and intense rich steak sauce carefully crafted to complement your steak and other meats. This rich dark sauce, with the it's smooth intense flavor makes this the perfect match-winning partnership for your steak and other meats

New flavors are coming & we can update you when they're available!

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