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Our Story
It all started in 2010.

We are a husband (Jake) and wife (Aimee) of 10 years (in January 2019) and the parents of two daughters and one son. We are a small Sauce company in Amboy, Minnesota, currently making BBQ Style sauces with intentions of making many flavors in the future. 

Potato Pancakes?

How did we create a sauce that is good on almost everything you ask? Well, it all started at our house
in Garden City, MN in 2010. My husband, Jake, liked to be creative and put random items together to
create new flavors for sauces and any type of food. One day we were looking for a sauce to use with our
potato pancakes, other than ketchup. Jake being who he is, grabbed multiple items from the fridge and
cabinets and started combining them together. As I watched skeptically, but encouragingly, as any wife
would do, from a couple feet away making weird faces, thinking you’re really gonna add that to that
The aroma started to fill our tiny kitchen and I found myself anxious to try this new sauce.
Once Jake deemed the sauce good enough to taste, he had myself and our 3 children squeeze into the
kitchen to have a taste. We loved it! The flavor had a nice BBQ style taste and our kids couldn’t keep
their fingers out of it.
Over the next couple years, with all of us putting in our two cents of flavors that we thought should be
added, Jake found the flavors that quickly became our ‘fan’ favorites, Raspberry and smoke. While
refining the raspberry sauce, we would try it on many different types of food such as beef, chicken, pork,
salmon, veggies, potatoes plus simple things like cream cheese and crackers, or little smokies. We
continued to be surprised at how good the sauce was on all these different foods.
Soon we were being asked to supply our sauce for catering events and family get together. As the sauce
became more and more popular as people tasted it, we could no longer continue making the sauce and
shipping it in mason jars from our kitchen. We decided to start the process of finding a co-
packer/company to help produce and pack our sauce for us. This brought on the process of deciding a
company name, making a label that would be a ‘ma & pop’ family friendly style that people would notice
right away on the shelf. Eventually we came up with our cute little pig that everyone enjoys seeing.
In 2016 we got our very first pallet of Jake & Aimee’s Smokey Raspberry Sauce sitting in our garage! It
had our own label, and flavors that everyone loved to have at their table. Our Smokey Raspberry Sauce
has been going strong ever since. We enjoy doing’ demos, festivals and meeting new people that are
interested in our sauce and new flavor ideas.
We started entering our sauce in many sauce competitions all over the United States. Our Smokey
Raspberry Sauce has been doing very well and received multiple awards!
So, to all of our customers and fans of our sauce, we want to say thank you for all the encouragement
and patience on our journey to create our first flavor of sauce. Here’s to our flavors that are yet to come
and the long- lasting friendships we will make along the way!

We are different because...

...our sauce is not 'just another' BBQ sauce. Our BBQ style sauce can be used on the Grill in the backyard, in the kitchen on pasta, salads, chips, stir fry, as a dip for pizza or the sauce on a pizza. It's great on salmon, trout, tuna and can be used to replace boring old ketchup and mustard on your hamburgers, brats, hot dogs and most sandwiches.

Headquarters location: 

Our house in Amboy, MN

Areas served:

We ship only in the US.