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We are a husband (Jake) and wife (Aimee) of 10 years (in January 2019) and the parents of two daughters (16, 10) and one son (11). We are a small Sauce company in Amboy, Minnesota, currently making BBQ Style sauces with intentions of making other styles in the future.  In 2010, we created our first sauce in the kitchen of our home in Garden City, Minnesota.

....for the first time and thought a dipping sauce would go good with the pancake. So I started grabbing some ingredients from the shelves, fridge etc, mixed them together and wow!! I tasted the mixture and thought, this tastes like BBQ sauce! Aimee and the kids agreed. This sauce was good, but I knew it could be better. So over the next few Years Aimee and I would try different formulas and flavors. We now have about 15 different flavors (and counting) that we would love to bring to the market.


To name a few:

  • Raspberry Habanero

  • Apricot, Bourbon

  • Honey Mustard

  • Mango


Every time we would work on any new ideas we would always have the whole family together. As like in many families we all have different ideas of what tastes good, so I believe having everyone try the sauces as I make them just made good sense.


Making each flavor became a family event, a sauce that brings the family together. Our first Sauce was created in Garden City, MN (2010). We would then later move to Hill City, South Dakota (2012), as Aimee and I would both get a job at the High Country Guest Ranch just outside of Hill City.


While Aimee and I were very busy at the ranch we still made time to make sauce because by now, John wanted to use it on his ribs. John and Barb own the ranch and would have large events that they would cater for. The most popular dish was John’s ribs. Everyone loves his ribs. One day, John claimed he wouldn’t use any other sauce but Sweet Baby Ray and decided to try ours. The smell... and the flavor won him over immediately. That's all it took. John didn’t keep it a secret to who made the sauce. From there on I would be asked if we had it bottled yet, and are we selling in local stores. People said they couldn’t wait for us to bottle it and so we did in 2016. 


After a fews years at the ranch I was offered a job down in Arkansas, so off we went.


Of course I still made the sauce, John up at the Ranch was still buying it from us. We we're still making it at home and mailing it up. This could keep going on, but it was not the best to ship mason jars.

     So by now we're pretty set on the Smokey Raspberry as the one flavor that has been the most popular so we decide that will be our first. 

...our sauce is not 'just another' BBQ sauce. Our BBQ style sauce can be used on the Grill in the backyard, in the kitchen on pasta, salads, chips, stir fry, as a dip for pizza or the sauce on a pizza. It's great on salmon, trout, tuna and can be used to replace boring old ketchup and mustard on your hamburgers, brats, hot dogs and most sandwiches.

Our house in Amboy, MN

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